Started on November 22, 2023

What you will learn

Play with the big boys. Build on your skills acquired during nitrox gas blender but take it up a notch to include Helium and gasses with less than normoxic oxygen. Exciting. Learn more advanced skills on making mixes using gasses with different characteristics. Improve gas mixing skills and analysis of such mixes

Why you should take this course

Using the experience you have built up while making Nitrox mixtures you can now start making exotic mixtures including the use of Helium. Here mistakes are costly. Learn to do it properly by doing this course now.

How do you get started?

Look up the closest CMAS-ISA Instructor who will be able to advise you

What are the next steps?

You are already a diver, you want to get better and improve yourself, go where few have gone, get your qualifications together with your LogBook, and contact the nearest CMAS-ISA Instructor in your area, or contact the CMAS Office

Further diving and developmental opportunities

Once you have reached this level only experience in this field will take you further, so get the experience and start assisting divers with more serious goals restricted by gas mixtures. If you are not qualified to dive here why not start with one of the other technical coures?

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