Started on May 25, 20192.00pm - 4.00pm


Are you looking for sunken treasure? Have you ever dropped something in the water and were not able to retrieve it? The CMAS Search and Recovery Diver Course will teach you how to effectively find and recover an object underwater.


In order to participate in the CMAS Search and Rescue Diver Training Programme you will be required:


  • To be at least 15 years of age;
  • To undergo the prescribed CMAS-ISA Sport Diving Medical Examination and be declared medically fit to participate in recreational SCUBA diving; and
  • To hold a CMAS One Star or equivalent certification
  • To have at least 15 logged dives
  • To complete the prescribed CMAS-ISA documentation before participating in any in-water training
  • Be literate (able to read the prescribed Manual and take the assessments which are in English).

What will you learn?

The CMAS Search and recovery Training Programme consists of the following sections:

  1. A Theoretical Section which consists of thirteen (13) Modules where you will be introduced to the theory and techniques of search and recovery
  2. An Open Water Section where you will gain search and recovery diving experience by performing at least 3 open water search dives under the guidance and supervision of a CMAS Instructor.

Your CMAS Search and Recovery Certification and what it means

As a certified CMAS Search and recovery Diver you will have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to plan, prepare and perform search and recovery dives.

How do you enrol on a CMAS Search and Recovery Training Programme

There are many CMAS Instructors throughout the whole of South Africa who would be thrilled to have you as a participant on a Search and Recovery Diver Training Programme. Please click here if you want to come into contact with a CMAS Instructor in your area.

You can also contact the CMAS –ISA office for more information on the CMAS Search and Recovery Diver Training Programme or a CMAS Instructor in your area by clicking here.

Further diving and developmental opportunities

Upon completion of your CMAS Search and Recovery Diver Training Programme you can enrol in any one of the following CMAS training Programmes:

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