Started on December 10, 2023

What you will learn

If the depth is calling your name then write it down here. Include a third breathing gas into the mixture with minimal risk while using your knowledge of advanced decompression and the best of all – Less Narcs !!!!!!!. Your knowledge of dive planning will now be focussing on “ beyond recreational” diving limits. This is the starting point if you intend taking your diving career diving into 3 digit depths

Why you should take this course

So you stopped at the recreational depth and still there are thing down there you want to see. Or perhaps you were naughty and proceeded beyond your depth but can not remember it. You will want to do this course to go to 75m deep and still remember it when you surface.

How do you get started?

Look up the closest CMAS-ISA Instructor who will be able to advise you

What are the next steps?

You are already a diver, you want to get better and improve yourself, go where few have gone, get your qualifications together with your LogBook, and contact the nearest CMAS-ISA Instructor in your area, or contact the CMAS Office

Further diving and developmental opportunities

Your depth limit is 75m and you are still not happy? Do the Advanced Trimix diver course and head for the first 3 digit depth in your logbook

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