Started on November 22, 2023

What you will learn

  • Equipment requirements for recreational SCUBA diving
  • The physics of diving as well as the medical and physiological problems related to diving
  • The use of Dive Tables and Dive Computers
  • Dive planning
  • The Diving Environment
  • Self-and buddy rescue techniques

Why you should take this course

The CMAS One Star Sport Diver Training programme is an entry-level diver training programme which aims at introducing the fundamentals of SCUBA diving to new entrants to the sport of recreational SCUBA diving, which will enable them to undertake no-decompression stop dives, whilst using air as a breathing gas, to a maximum depth of twenty (20) meters in a safe manner.

How do you get started?

To gain access to the CMAS One Star Diver Training Programme you must be at least fourteen (14) years of age, be reasonably comfortable in the water environment and medically fit to participate in the sport of recreational SCUBA diving.

Please click here if you want to come into contact with a CMAS Instructor in your area. You can also contact the CMAS-ISA Office for more information on the CMAS One Star Diver Training Programme by clicking here.

What are the next steps

Upon completion of the CMAS One Star Diver Training Programme you will have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to procure air, equipment, and other diving services and to plan, conduct, and log open-water dives that do not require mandatory in-water decompression stops, without the supervision of a CMAS Instructor or CMAS Dive Leader (Divemaster), when properly equipped and accompanied by another certified diver of at least the same level, provided the diving activities undertaken, the diving conditions and the diving area are similar, equal or better to those in which training was received.

Further diving and developmental opportunities

Successful completion of the CMAS One Star Diver Training Programme will enable you to gain access to, amongst others, the CMAS Two Star Diver Training Programme, the CMAS Nitrox Diver Training Programme and the CMAS Night Diver Training Programme.

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