Started on December 10, 2023

What you will learn

Always wondered what happens when the bubbles disappear along the face of the wall. Where do they go and what do they see? This course will allow exploration of overhead environment without expensive gear changes. This is the entry level into the darkness and to allow access to consider future penetration into overhead environments. This course will teach skills on buoyancy while using guidelines

Why you should take this course

Not sure if you will want to do the cave diver course? Then this is a must do course! Be prepared for one day if you venture in under an overhang by accident or into a wreck?

How do you get started?

Look up the closest CMAS-ISA Instructor who will be able to advise you

What are the next steps?

You are already a diver, you want to get better and improve yourself, go where few have gone, get your qualifications together with your LogBook, and contact the nearest CMAS-ISA Instructor in your area, or contact the CMAS Office

Further diving and developmental opportunities

Is the darkness calling you further?  Do the cave II diver course and enter into the cave properly and safely. More important, start your planning on getting out alive

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